Bosch Tassimo Brita Water Filters


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Brita Maxtra water filter for Tassimo machines. Improves taste of drinks and quality of water. Removes limescale. Should be replaced every 8 weeks, using the indicator for guidance. Contents: 3 Brita Maxtra water filters.


  • 1. Bosch Tassimo Brita Water Filters
  • 2. VERSION To Fit: Tassimo TAS5542GB, TAS6515GB & TAS8520GB Models
  • 3. These Brita Filters are specfically designed to fit your Tassimo Machine
  • 4. Filters should be replaced and with the frequency, which is noted in your Operating Manual (use the Indicator for guidance)
  • 5. Only use these particular Brita Genuine Filters on your Tassimo Machine


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