Starbucks Verismo

The Starbucks Verismo Coffee Pod Machine.

Introducing the Verismo™ System. The machine that makes both espresso and brewed coffee. Now you can use the Starbucks recipes that used in Starbucks coffeehouses to create the drinks you love – Caffe Latte, espresso, and a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks® coffee – at home.

A perfect Starbucks Latte at home. And at the push of a button.

A shot of dark, rich true espresso, with creamy sweet real steamed milk. The innovation of fresh-packed Starbucks milk pods and the high–pressure Verismo™ System makes it all possible.

Delicious Starbucks coffee brewed fresh by the cup. In seconds.

The same high-quality Arabica coffee you love from Starbucks—roasted, ground and packed fresh in Verismo™ pods. All ready to brew perfectly at home whenever you are in the mood.

Rich, true Starbucks espresso. At your fingertips.

The Verismo™ System uses high-pressure Swiss engineering to bring you true Starbucks espresso at home, anytime. Deep flavour, rich crema and all the complexity of the espresso shots we pull in our coffeehouse


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