Bosch Tassimo TAS6515 Coffee Machine

You can make up to 11 different types of hot drink, including espresso coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea, thanks to the TAS6515 from Bosch!

Thanks to its Thermoflux system, this espresso machine heats up water in just a few seconds. To ensure your favourite drinks are served with all their flavours intact, the TAS6515 boasts a Brita water filtering feature to remove particles that may alter the flavour or quality of your drink.

An LCD screen on the Tassimo TAS6515 displays information in a host of languages, and a digital control pad shows how much time is left, so you’ll be able to see how your coffee is coming along.

A blue ambient light shines on your drinks and automatically turns itself off after 5 minutes in stand-by mode.

The modern, user-friendly Tassimo TAS6515 from Bosch brings you the comfort you need to serve up tasty, hot drinks at any time of the day!

Tassimo TAS6515GB Features

  • Automatically prepares freshly brewed drinks at the push of a button with an intelligent bar code system ensures a perfect drink every time
  • LCD display
  • Flow heater technology means virtually not heat up time
  • 12 varieties including Filter Coffee, Caffe Crema, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and Tea
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