Everything you need to know about Coffee Pod Systems

The quickest way to hot delicious coffee

Coffee pod systems are much the same as conventional coffee machines and makers but for one major exception: the way in which coffee is stored and filtered through the system is entirely different. Indeed, standard coffee machines comprise filters through which the coffee is percolated or brewed in some way or another. In contrast, coffee pod systems use small round pods of densely packed coffee, which is similar in size and shape to a traditional tea bag.

The Perfect Coffee

The thing that makes coffee pod systems even more special than their coffee machine ancestors is the simple fact that the coffee pods offer two distinct advantages. First, the quantity of coffee contained within the pod is sufficient to make an ideal cup or mug of coffee, which is markedly more difficult to achieve when measuring quantities of coffee is left to the user. Second, coffee pods represent convenient ways in which coffee can be made quickly, cleanly effortlessly.

Manufacturers of Coffee Pod Systems

Coffee pod systems are relatively new on the market but, such is their popularity, they have already been produced in large numbers by many of the leading coffee machine manufacturers. Nescafe, Russell Hobbs, Philips and Kenwood are some of the many popular brands of coffee pod systems available.

Types of Coffee Pod Systems

As with conventional coffee machines, coffee pod systems vary considerably in terms of functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal. The Nescafe Krupps Dolce Gusto, for instance, is able to serve a range of different coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, lungo, latte macchiato, cappuccino ice, chococcino, mocha café classico and café classico decaffeinato. System pressure (eg. 15 bar) is also an important factor.


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