Handpresso Auto 48261 12V portable espresso maker for cars using ESE pods or ground coffee


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  • EASY USE: Plug the coffee machine into the cigarette lighter socket (12/24v), add cold water and place the compatible Nespresso* capsule of your choice, press the ON button. After 2.30 minutes, when you hear 3 bleeps, turn the machine around and press the Espresso button. Your espresso is ready!
  • A PERFECT COFFEE IN 2 MINUTES Easy to use, this coffee maker is fitted with a thermometer indicating the water temperature. Thanks to the 16 bar-pressure, your special espresso pods will release all their flavors for a creamy and delicious espresso.
  • ADAPTED TO THE CUP HOLDER The Handpresso Auto machine has been designed for optimal use in your car, truck or motorhome. It fits the cup holder, plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and is easy to store due to its compact size.
  • DEVELOPED IN FRANCE by the mobile and portable coffee and espresso pionneer.Since 2008, Handpresso has been developing a whole range of coffee makers for cars and travel. Its portable coffee makers travel with you whenever on the go. Recognized and sold worldwide by the world’s leading car manufacturers.
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